50+ Experienced Volunteers

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An Ultra Low-Cost Hemodialysis System

Who is Helping Me?

  • Dr. Shamik Shah

    (Indian nephrologist, Director at Apollo hospitals)

  • Dr. Rajasekara Chakravarthi

    (Chief Nephrologist at CARE Hospitals, India. 13 years in dialysis)

  • Alistair Ingram

    (Professor of Medicine, Director Division of Nephrology, McMaster University)

  • Mike Dooley

    (20 years in medical devices, former APAC and AK96 Marketing Director at Gambro)

  • Balaji Rajagopallan

    ( 15 years in medical devices, former GM for Gambro India 2005-10)

  • Richard Fredin

    (18 years in the industry. Former Marketing & Treatment Research manager, Gambro)

  • Lynn Ware

    (15 years in dialysis industry. Former MD Gambro Australia/New Zealand 2004-2010)

  • Dr. Achim Simons

    (15 years surgery and dialysis, former Director of Vascular Access at Gambro)

  • Roger Johansson

    (30 years experience, former head of R&D for Hemapure, former R&D at Gambro)

  • Balasubramaniam R.

    (Executive VP for M & A and Public Private Partnerships, Medall Healthcare IN)

  • Several other friends with deep knowledge in this field.